Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolution #1: Well Visits for Well Pets

Our pets depend on us to protect their well-being. They can't tell us when their tummies hurt, they can't tell us when their joints start bothering them, and they can't tell us when their blood sugar is out of whack.

Paying attention to the behavior of our furry family members can help our pets stay healthy.

Attentiveness isn't the only tool we have to preserve and protect the health of our pets: regular wellness exams are another. These exams allow us to discover potential health issues before your pet beings showing symptoms - and before any issue becomes life threatening.

This year, resolve to keep your pet healthy and happy. Contact our office TODAY to schedule a routine wellness visit. Schedule before January 31, 2014, and get 15% off a New Year's Wellness Exam!

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