Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't Let the Fur Fly!

Cats are not well known for their acceptance of change. And your cat carrier is the ultimate symbol of change about to happen. No wonder many cats react to the sight of their carrier - not to mention your attempts to get them in that carrier - with a less-than-cooperative attitude.

In the spirit of keeping your kitty's fur where it belongs (and not flying all over the place!), try these tips to get your cat at least comfortable with his carrier.

If your carrier makes an appearance only once every six months or so, your cat will continue to react poorly to it. Consider leaving it out and making it more of a refuge and pleasant place for your cat. Add bedding, a few treats and a favorite toy.

Reward good behavior. When you see your cat behaving calming around the carrier (sitting next to it, sitting on it, sitting in it), reward him! Cats respond much more positively to rewards than they do to punishments, so help them associate the carrier with getting a reward.

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