Monday, July 7, 2014

The Pet Jet Set

Hitting the road for a few days away can be a lot of fun. And those sweet puppy-dog eyes begging to come along can be hard to resist. Before you give in to that plaintive expression, though, ask yourself these questions to decide if your dog is ready for the trip.

How are you planning to travel?

A dog who travels well in a car may not travel well in a plane. Also, some breeds can only travel on airplanes as cargo, a method that can be especially risky for pets.

How does your dog react to change?

A shy or skittish dog may find the change in routine much less appealing than you do.

How healthy is your dog?

If your dog is older or suffers from a chronic condition, the stresses of traveling may negatively affect her health.

If you think your dog is up for a travel adventure, contact us today to set up a travel prep appointment for your jet-setting dog! We're offering 15% off travel prep/wellness exams through the month of July!

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