Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cheers to Safety!

If you are having St. Patrick's Day festivities at home this year, keep your pets' safety in mind.

Don't leave alcohol unattended. Whether it is green or otherwise, alcohol can be deadly to your pets. If your pets will be mingling with guests, make sure you clean up any spills immediately.

Have a safe room if you're throwing a party. It might be best to keep cats or excitable dogs isolated from the hustle and bustle.

Traditional Irish foods aren't good for your pets. Many of these foods can spell trouble for your pets' digestive tracts.

Keep your pup away from parades, parties and bars. If you must take your pup for a walk, try to do so away from large crowds.

Keep your cat indoors. With all the partiers out and about, this is the safest choice.

Make sure your pets have current identification. If your pets get spooked and run off, it is imperative that they have all of their identification information updated.

Costumes. If you dress up your pets, make sure the costumes fit properly and don't obstruct your pets' vision or breathing.

By practicing a little holiday care, you can ensure you and your pets have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!

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