Monday, September 29, 2014

Geriatric Gauge

As a pet parent, you know a lot about your dog's habits and routines. But will you know when your dog's kidneys begin to slow down? Since your dog can't tell you how she is feeling, regular wellness visits are essential in detecting the developments that come with aging.

In these exams, we can discuss proper senior nutrition, how to keep your senior dog active and do blood work to check for certain health problems and diseases. When caught early enough, many diseases can be properly treated, slowed down or, sometimes, even cured completely. Why not be proactive when it comes to your dog's health?

By maintaining a regular senior wellness exam schedule, issues can be diagnosed and managed or corrected before any serious damage occurs. Ensure your dog lives a health and active life for as long as possible!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

In Dog Years

You may have more in common with your pet than you realize. Like humans, dogs need to get health care more often as they grow older. We recommend that senior dogs visit us at least twice a year; more often if certain health issues are present. Just like people, dogs can develop arthritis, diabetes, cancer, hearing loss, liver and kidney disease, hypothyroidism and various other diseases. Wellness visits can help diagnose some of these diseases earlier or, in some cases, prevent them altogether.

Don't assume new behavior is just because of "old age." If you notice any change in your dog's behavior, be sure to contact us about the concerns you have. These behavioral changes can be signs of very treatable medical problems. Improve your dog 's quality of life and help make the "golden years" as comfortable as possible - maintain a proper wellness visit schedule!

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