Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

We wish you and your pet a healthy and happy holiday season. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe during your celebrations.
  • Place your Christmas tree in the corner of block it off from your pet.
  • Keep decorations out of your pet's reach. Low hanging tinsel, ornaments or lights are hazards to your pet's health.
  • Keep holiday plants away from your pet. Mistletoe, holly, amaryllis and cyclamen are all poisonous to pets. Poinsettias are toxic, as are live trees.
  • Burning candles should be placed on high surfaces. This can prevent fires and accidental burns.
  • Keep your pet away as you wrap gifts. String, plastic and wrapping paper cause intestinal blockage if ingested.
  • Keep holiday food away from your pet. Many rich and fatty holiday foods can cause serious problems for your pet.
  • If you have guests, make accommodations for your pet. Your pet may be fearful of visitors or extremely excited. Either way, a quiet room away from visitors and food may be in order.
Contact us with any concerns you have about your pet's safety as we enter the holiday season. We want this to be a joyful time for you and your pet!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doggy Debut

Introducing your new dog to your resident pets is a process that requires patience and care.

Introduce pets on neutral territory. A nearby park works perfectly for this. Make sure you have at least one person present per pet, to keep animals from running off.

Don't force any interaction. Some pets will prefer to view each other from a distance first.

Give each pet his own food and water bowls, toys and bed. This will help prevent squabbles.

Keep your pets separated when you are away.

Use positive reinforcement.

If you notice introductions are not going smoothly, please contact us immediately. Most conflicts can be resolved with a little professional guidance. With some careful planning and supervision, you can ensure your new dog is happily and successfully welcomed into your family.

And don't forget: we're offering Complimentary New Pet Exams through December 2014! Make your appointment today!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Animal Arrival

Careful preparation is essential to helping your new pet make a successful adjustment to your home. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your new adventure:
  • Pet-proof your home. Move cleaning products or hazardous materials out of the way. Remove any shoes or cords that could be chewed.
  • Provide a comfy bed for your pet. This can keep your pet cozy and off your furniture!
  • Keep common houseplants out of reach. Some plants may be poisonous to pets.
  • Don't leave snacks sitting out.
  • Keep medication put away and secure.
  • Cover up heating vents. Be careful not to obstruct the vent and create a fire hazard.
  • Keep certain rooms closed. If you don't want your pet roaming around unsupervised in certain areas, keep the doors shut.
With a little planning, you can ensure your home is prepped and cozy, and that your new pet is happy and healthy!
PS: We're offering COMPLIMENTARY NEW PET EXAMS through December 2014! Schedule yours today!