Monday, May 19, 2014

Scratch That!

Fleas and ticks have an unfortunate long-term relationship with our pets. While these pests will never go away, we can keep them from rebounding on our four-legged family members.

A variety of products such as topicals, chews and shampoos are available to help protect your pet from these pesky pests. When using such products, however, be sure to always follow the instructions, and never mix products and species. For example, never treat your cat with dog-specific flea treatments. Cats are much more vulnerable to insecticides, and using canine products on your cat could seriously harm or even kill your pet.

In addition to chemical preventatives, you can also somewhat control your environment. Fleas thrive in shady, humid areas, so the more sunlight you can give your yard, the less likely you are to play host to these pests. Ticks prefer areas of tall grass, brush or leaf-litter, so try to keep these areas to a minimum in your landscaping.

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