Friday, June 6, 2014

Cancer and Your Canine

Even if we're lucky enough to not experience it firsthand, very few of us are unaware of the devastating effects cancer can have. But many of us don't know that this disease can affect our entire family, even those who walk on four feet and not two. In fact, according to the Morris Animal Foundation, dogs older than 2 are most likely to die from cancer.

Your dog can develop cancers as varied as those that affect people, and for the same reasons. While no sure-fire cancer preventative exists, we as pet parents can help protect our four-legged family members from getting the disease. Certain breeds - Golden retrievers and Bernese Mountain dogs, for example - are more likely to develop certain cancers, so know your pet's risk. Make sure she gets plenty of exercise and eats healthfully, and limit her exposure to known cancer-causing agents, like tobacco smoke.

And finally, make sure your pup has regular wellness visits with us so we can ensure any issues are caught early and treated with a fully healthy outcome in mind.

Together, let's take your pet into old age!

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