Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sit, Stay, Well!

Since your dog can't tell you when she doesn't feel well, paying close attention to her appearance and behavior is an important way to monitor health.
  • Coat - It should be shiny and without excessive shedding.
  • Eyes - If you can clearly see your pup's third eyelid, that is an indication that her eye hurts or she is ill.
  • Physical Activity - It should be consistent both in level and response.
  • Eating, Drinking & Sleeping Habits - A change could indicate an underlying health issue.
Another way to keep your dog healthy is to schedule regular wellness exams. We are trained to see things you may miss, so these checkups can help us identify health problems before they become too significant. We know you want to provide the best care for your dog, so don't delay scheduling an appointment any longer!

New Year's Wellness Exams are 15% off through January 2015!

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