Monday, February 3, 2014

New Year's Resolution #4: Run & Play

The life of an indoor cat is typically much easier than that of an outdoor cat, and that truth can sometimes work against the well-being of your indoor kitty. While outdoor cats typically get enough exercise during their day, your indoor cat probably doesn't. Fortunately, you can help your cat get the exercise he needs.

Cats are instinctive hungers, and toys that allow them to exercise that instinct (and their bodies!) are good investments. Teaser toys that let you kitty pounce, chase and attack to his heart's content on good options. A catnip toy is usually a good way to get your kitty moving, too. Regardless of the toy, your cat needs to "catch" it occasionally to avoid getting bored or frustrated.

Another option is creating a kitty wonderland of all the bags, boxes and tunnels that your cat loves to explore. This wonderland can be rearranged from day to day so kitty doesn't get bored, and it's easily fixed or replaced if acrobatic play introduces a few rips and dings.

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