Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Ick Factor: Nit Picking!

Excessive scratching can mean your pet is hosting unwelcome company.

If your cat is up to scratch, she may be hosting some unpleasant hitch-hikers: lice and ringworm. While both pests cause your pet to itch and scratch, they also have more individual symptoms. Feline ringworm infection often causes circular patches of hair loss on the head or ears, while lice may cause your pet's coat to appear dry or generally unkempt. And while lice are happy to stick to your cat, ringworm will take whatever warm-blooded host it can get - including you.

The treatment for these conditions is fairly straightforward, but please contact our office any time you notice new or atypical behavior in your pet. While the cause may be something treatable and relatively benign (like lice), it can also be a symptom of other conditions - like a metabolic disorder - that may require more intensive treatment.

Call TODAY to send unwelcome company packing!

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