Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Ick Factor: Shoo, Fly!

Don't let flies bother your furry family members this spring! Summertime is fly season, and while you may think the kind that hover around leftover food or garbage are annoying enough, another kind is even more annoying - and potentially harmful - for your pet. It's the Cuterebra fly, and its larvae can literally make a home in your pet.

If you pet becomes a host to a Cuterebra fly larva, you may notice a small lump on the head, neck or body. While these lumps can be mistaken for other infections of tumors, if you see a hole in the center of the lump, it is likely that a larva has made a home in your pet. Please do not probe the lump yourself.

Destroying the larvae can cause infection and potentially serious allergic reactions in your pet. Instead, contact our office immediately about diagnosis and the possibility of safely removing the larvae, as well as any post-treatment recommendations.

Schedule an appointment today and let's see this fly flee!

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