Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Your Four-Legged Travel Buddy

Bringing your dog along on a family vacation can be a wonderful experience for everyone, especially if you've carefully prepared.

Traveling by Air

Reserve a space for your dog on the plane with you. In-cabin flying is safer for your pet and allows you to be close. (If your pet isn't allowed to travel in-cabin, we strongly recommend you board her at home rather than send her as cargo.) Your pet will have to go through security, just like you. While your dog will not be required to go through the X-ray machine, your carrier might, so be sure to bring a leash.

Traveling by Car

Your dog should be securely restrained in some way whenever she's in the car. That may mean using a carrier, a special car harness or seat belt for your dog. Use a seat belt to securely anchor the carrier during transit. Your dog should ride in the backseat of the car, and you should never leave your dog in the car alone.

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