Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dog Dental Care

You may not realize it, but your dog needs dental care too. Really bad dog breath isn’t normal and could be a sign of something worse. Pet parents may miss periodontal disease because bad breath is often one of its only symptoms, and this can lead to serious consequences for your pup.

Periodontal disease begins with plaque buildup. This can cause gingivitis, and if left untreated, the teeth can eventually rot. The final stages of this disease can be very painful for your pooch.

You can save your dog a great deal of pain and grief by bringing him in for regular exams and dental cleanings. Prevention is always the best way to keep your pup healthy and happy!

To get your pup on track with his dental health, we're offering complimentary dental exams and 20% off the dental cleaning through February 2015!
(excludes: prescriptions, lab work, x-rays, extractions, etc.)

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